Feeling the future

Áster was conceived with all the enthusiasm, wisdom and patience that were necessary. To find the most appropriate estate, we sought both the counsel of the old growers in the area and the advice of professors of viticulture. We studied and analysed soils, grapes and climates in different sub-areas. Finally, Anguix, Burgos proved to be the ideal location.

These are only some of the highlights of Áster's history. If you would like more information about our history, we invite you to read the chapter 'Our past, present and future' of the book 'Three centuries of La Rioja Alta, S.A.'

Select the years that are milestones in the history of Áster

After several years of studies, we started our project in Ribera del Duero with the acquisition of the first estate in Anguix, which was planted a year later. The grapes of the first six harvests were sold.
This was the first harvest we used to make wine, but it did not fulfil our expectations. Production volume was excessive and the resulting wines, which, perhaps under other circumstances or other viewpoints, might have proved suitable, did not earn the approval of the winemakers and were sold in bulk.
Having confirmed the quality of the estate and its grapes, we started building a winery that would seamlessly bring together cutting-edge winemaking technology and an elegant, timeless appearance. We produced and marketed the first wine of the House: Áster Reserva 2000.
After tasting the wines from different plots, we observed that the Finca El Caño, with silty loam soils, produced complex, fruity musts, with good alcohol content, very suitable for making an aged wine that would be true to the style of Ribera del Duero. Áster Crianza was born.
The vineyard was 15 years old and clearly showed its maturity. Coinciding with the new appointment of Julio Sáenz as Winemaking Director, we researched into the effect of the estate layout on winemaking and ageing. We started to prompt malolactic fermentation in barrels at an experimental level.
A turning point for the winery: we decided to make only two terroir wines with different characteristics: Áster Finca El Otero, with grapes from the oldest vineyard and Áster Crianza, with optimum grapes for the characteristics of a Crianza wine.