A singular grape variety

Our vineyards are at an altitude of 830 m above sea level. They are located around the winery in the municipalities of La Horra and Anguix and cover 95 hectares, of which 76 were planted in 1991 and are currently in full production. The grape variety employed is Tinta del País. It is trained on espaliers with double cordon pruning. Each harvest, the grapes are picked one plot at a time. Production figures are under 4,000 kg per hectare and the clusters are subjected to a manual selection process.

This is what the Áster vineyards are like

Finca El Caño
29,1 hectares. Ravines. Silty loam soils. In exceptional years (usually with moderate rainfall) they are used to make the Club de Cosecheros. The rest of the years they are used in the Áster Crianza.
Finca El Picón
10,9 hectares. Mainly clay loam soils with some sandy areas. In rainy years it can complement the Finca Dehesilla.
Finca El Otero
4 hectares. Lightly eroded slopes. A dry, infertile area. A top quality soil used, only with top vintages, to make the Áster Finca El Otero.
Fuentecojo and Dehesilla
34,3 and 13 hectares. Clay loam terraces. Almost flat. On years of little rain, the grapes usually have a high quality potential and are used for the Áster Crianza.

Áster Vineyard Map

Vineyards in Áster

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